Innovative Tech Powered by AI to Transform and Scale How Society Cares for Older Adults



December 6, 2023


The Paley Center for Media, NYC

9:55–10:10am EST

As our global population ages, the demand for innovative and scalable solutions to care for older adults has never been more critical. The integration of new technologies, led by artificial intelligence (AI), into the realm of the care ecosystem represents a groundbreaking opportunity to revolutionize the way we support and enhance the lives of older adults. Innovative technologies, including AI and machine learning (ML), will enable today's elder care to become efficient, scalable, and therefore more effective...much as Henry Ford's assembly line did for the automobile, a century ago. Join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion with Linn Free SVP of Operations at Home Instead, an Honor Company, where we will explore the profound impact of innovative technologies transforming the way we care for our aging population.


Linn Free
Senior Vice President, Operations, Home Instead, an Honor Company
Chris Farrell
Senior Economics Contributor, Marketplace
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