Hon. Yuji Kuroiwa (video message)

Governor, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Hon. Yuji Kuroiwa (video message)

Governor Yuji Kuroiwa was inaugurated as Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture in 2011 after previously working as a journalist and professor. He has won re-election 3 times. Now in his fourth term, he has made Kanagawa Prefecture a model for healthy aging policy in Japan and around the globe through his Health Care New Frontier policy package. He has strongly promoted the pursuit of cutting-edge medicine, improvement ofME-BYO, and practical use of life-assist robotics for nursing care and medical care. Kanagawa has been selected as the only prefecture among the 47prefectures in Japan for both the β€œSDGs Future City” and β€œLocal Government SDGsModel Project” initiatives. Governor Kuroiwa is the only local Government executive to be named Healthcare Policy Advisor (2013) and member of the Robot Revolution Realization Council (2014) by the Japanese Cabinet Secretariat. Governor Kuroiwa is a graduate of Waseda University.


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