Carolee Lee

CEO & Founder, Women Health Access Matters (WHAM)
Carolee Lee

Women’s Health Access Matters (WHAM), a 501(c)3, was launched by Carolee Lee in July 2018 as an initiative to focus on increasing awareness of women’s health issues, investing in women’s health research and implementing strategies to improve the inequities and bias in research while accelerating scientific discovery. Β A board of 25 leading businesswomen supported and steer this initiative.

The Connors Center at Brigham/Harvard is WHAM’s Lead Scientific Partner. Β Other partners of The WHAM Reports include The American Heart Association, La Jolla Institute for Immunology and The Bright Focus Foundation.

Carolee Lee, was the founder and CEO of Carolee Designs, one of the world’s leading accessories brands. After the sale of her business to Luxottica, Carolee’s vision was to create AccessCircles, a global network providing connectivity, knowledge and access to thought leaders, resources and experiences that transform the health and well-being of women’s lives.


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