Arno Rutte

Public Affairs and Strategy Consultant and former Member of the House of Representatives, the Netherlands
Arno Rutte

Arno Rutte is an experienced thought leader and public affairs & strategy consultant on sustainable healthcare in an aging population and is the owner of a public affairs consultancy firm that helps stakeholders in sustainable healthcare address their interests at the relevant governmental and regulatory institutions.

He combines his previous experience as a former member of parliament and spokesperson on healthcare in The Netherlands with an extensive career in the private sector as a strategist for a not-for-profit healthcare insurance company.

Arno was a member of the Dutch parliament for seven years. In parliament, he acted as the spokesperson on healthcare and medical ethics for the VVD, the Dutch liberal party. As an MP, he focused on sustainable healthcare β€” co-authoring the healthcare policies included in the government’s plans for 2017–2021.

Before that, he worked as a strategist for a not-for-profit healthcare insurance company, where he co-created a new way of contracting healthcare that was compliant with the essential patient needs and designed a dialogue platform where customers and specialists of the company discussed the quality and sustainability of healthcare.

Arno hosts one of the top podcasts on Smart Health in The Netherlands and is the co-author of the book 'Value-Based Healthcare: The answer to our future health changes?' In this book, he takes a critical look at the principles of Value-Based Healthcare in an aging population. He provides a new perspective on organizing healthcare for co-morbid fragile patients in a sustainable way: Value-Managed Healthcare.


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