Women’s Health, Gender Equity, and Leadership in the Silver Economy



December 6, 2023


The Paley Center for Media, NYC

10:30–11:05am EST

Women face unique challenges in the workplace and during their careers from their specific health realities to disproportionately shouldering caregiving, both as parents and adult children.  These challenges lead to disruptions in their careers that can result in a diminished ability to accumulate the necessary assets for retirement. To address these issues, and much more, we are gathering women in senior leadership positions across business, government, philanthropy, nonprofits and society broadly to pave the way for future women leaders to achieve longer, healthier, more successful, and happier aging journeys – both professionally and personally.  This session will formally launch the WISE (Women In the Silver Economy) Council, a new cadre of women leaders who are stepping up to drive targeted change and help realize a vision of more equitable aging for women at every age and stage of life, health span, and career.


Claire Gill
CEO, Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation
Rachel Hoagland
Senior Vice President, Consumer Products, Major League Soccer
Lorna Sabbia
Managing Director, Head of Retirement & Personal Wealth Solutions, Bank of America
Yesmean Wahdan
Vice President, US Medical Affairs, Women’s Healthcare, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Melissa Gong Mitchell
Executive Director, Global Coalition on Aging
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