The New Joy: The Future of Fun in the Silver Economy



December 6, 2023


The Paley Center for Media, NYC

2:25–3:00pm EST

The β€œNew Old” has arrived! Β Adventure travel, augmented reality headsets, online dating, fashion statements, movies about grown-ups – this is no longer your grandparent’s retirement life. And with this perspective on living and new, enthusiastic active aging comes the advent of a new focus on fun for a population that has been heretofore ignored or relegated to rest and passivity. Businesses have been slow to adjust their scopes, yet this older market controls the largest portion of disposable income and research backs the benefits of fun both for healthy longevity and for economic growth across industries, from travel and leisure to gaming and technology. This panel's primary objective is to discuss how the exploding Silver Economy opportunity is reshaping the customer base and business strategies for those who are selling fun, and how these purveyors of fun are helping us achieve healthy aging at all ages.



Catherine Collinson
CEO & President, Transamerica Institute
Rachel E. Cooke
VP, Impact, 1Community
Kelsey Knoedler Perri
Director of Public Relations, Road Scholar
Michael Tamblyn
CEO, Rakuten Kobo
Daniel E. Aks
President, Undertone
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