Smart Business: A Community and Country Approach to Age Friendliness



November 8, 2022


Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

11:20 GMT | 12:20 CET | 6:20am EST

To address the needs and value of the growing older population as consumers and customers, businesses around Ireland have become age friendly. Age Friendly Ireland will share some of the key building blocks for creating an age-friendly country and how public private collaborations are helping to drive change.


Orlaith Carmody Duffy
Principal Advisor, Age Friendly Ireland's Business Recognition Program
Ciara Doherty
SEF Dublin Host, β€œThe Tonight Show” on Virgin Media One
Phyllis Barkman Ferrell
Global Head, External Engagement, Alzheimer's Disease and Neurodegeneration, Eli Lilly & Company; Healthsystem Preparedness Program Lead, Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
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