Partnerships for Healthy Aging



November 9, 2022


Deloitte Consulting

8:25 GMT | 9:25 CET | 3:25am EST

Meeting the challenges of aging society requires cross-sector and cross-discipline collaboration and partnership, including among private and public sectors as well as institutions, organizations and governments. Embedded in the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing is the need for society-wide partnerships for success. Panelists will share their experiences and aspirations and discuss the enablers of partnerships with the potential to scale.


Mario Ottiglio
President, GCOA
Thiago HΓ©rick de SΓ‘
Ph.D., Technical Officer, Age-friendly Environments, World Health Organization
Melissa Mitchell
Executive Director, Global Coalition on Aging
Alana Officer
Unit Head for Demographic Change and Healthy Ageing, World Health Organization
Deepali Patel
Director, International Policy, AMR Action Fund
Regina Regenass
CEO of the World Demographic & Ageing Forum (WDA FORUM)
Mario Ottiglio
President, GCOA
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