Investing in Longevity: How to Boost Financial Resilience as We Age

New York


November 8, 2022


World Economic Forum

16:20 GMT | 17:20 CET | 11:20am EST

Longevity is one of the most impactful forces shaping the global economy. As people over the age of 60 double their numbers in the coming decades, how can they stay financially resilient in an increasingly unpredictable world? Reforming retirement and pension systems to meet the needs of an aging population will take time — what are the simple and actionable solutions that people can employ today to support this longer life? This discussion will explore the crucial role the financial services industry can play in supporting this demographic transformation.


Haleh Nazeri
Platform Curator, Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems, World Economic Forum
Ramsey Alwin
President & CEO, NCOA
Andre Belelieu
Head of Insurance & Asset Management at the World Economic Forum
Joanne Moore
Vice President, Thought Leadership and Strategic Programs, Corebridge Financial
Rich Nuzum
Executive Director, Investments and Global Chief Investment Strategist, Mercer
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