Integrated Care as a Standard of Care



November 9, 2022


Deloitte Consulting

10:35 GMT | 11:35 CET | 5:35am EST

Aging increases the risk of multiple co-morbidities, and therefore, aging demands a more personalized approach to health, which can support prevention. What strategies from global institutions, local governments and the private sector are delivering integrated care? From WHO’s Age-friendly Cities and Communities Network to its Integrated Care ofOlder Persons (ICOPE) approach, how can integrated care become the standard across healthcare?


Melissa Gong Mitchell
Executive Director, Global Coalition on Aging
Hidenori Arai
President at National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
Mario Barbagallo
MD, PhD, President of International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics – European Region (IAGG-ER); Professor of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Member of the Superior Council of the Minister of Health, President of the Conservatory A. Scarlatti di Palermo, and Director of the Geriatric Unit, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Palermo
Kassim Javaid
Associate Professor and University Lecturer in Metabolic Bone Disease, University of Oxford
Yuka Sumi
Medical Officer, Ageing and Health Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child & Adolescent Health and Ageing (MCA), UHC life course, World Health Organization
Ninie Wang
Founder and CEO, Pinetree Care
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