Digital Health: Scaling Healthy Aging



November 9, 2022


Deloitte Consulting

9:30 GMT | 10:30 CET | 4:30am EST

Technology is broadly recognized as an enabler for healthy aging and more efficient health management overall. Its value extends into the workplace and across all aspects of society. Start-ups in the aging space are increasing to meet the demands of healthier living, smarter caregiving and better disease management. The panel will discuss some of the latest digital innovations, the policies needed to equitably deploy these innovations, and how they can be further scaled in all corners of the world to grow the Silver Economy.


Thomas Hach
Executive Director Patient Engagement for Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism at Novartis
Ian Philp
Founder and CEO, AgeCare Technologies
Charles Bark
Founder and CEO, HiNounou
Philip Hogan
CEO and Founder, Origin Care Group
Julien Pahud
International Digital Health and Innovation Senior Director, Eli Lilly & Company
Gitanjali Sah
Strategy and Policy Coordinator, International Telecommunication Union
Roxana Widmer-Iliescu
Senior Coordinator for Digital Inclusion, International Telecommunication Union
Mateusz RafaΕ‚
Deputy Director at the Digital Transformation Center at the Ministry of Education and Science